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Our white winter weather has finally arrived!

The past couple months have been unusually mild and dry for a west coast winter (last week I was building garden beds in a t-shirt). Although great for outdoor productivity, this weekend’s snowfall has been a welcome change. It slows things down and inspires winter wonderland hikes, steaming cups of tea and book reading. I love it!

The chickens, on the other hand, are not so crazy about it. Their usual morning frenzy to get outside and free range around the yard was stopped short when they felt it on their little chicken feet. Poor chickens, you’ll just have to wait till it melts, which may be awhile since the forecast calls for at least a week more of it. Yay! Here’s to more snowy, still mornings and neighbourhood snowmen.

A new camera!


I received a digital SLR camera for Christmas which means that I finally get to have fun capturing quality photos here on the farm – yay! Since our animals have always been tricky to capture well on my iPhone, they were the first things I wanted to try out a real camera and lenses on. Here are some shots of some of our free-range chickens and ducks. They have A LOT of personality and I love hanging out with them on the property.

another layer!


It’s been a quiet month on the blog because it’s been a quiet month on the farm.  Well, quiet when it comes to actual farming activites that is.  Not so quiet when it comes to family potlucks and Christmas parties!

It’s a hard time of year to do a lot outside.  The weather is yucky (rain, rain, bitter cold, rain, rain, rain), the daylight hours are short, and free time is taken up with Christmas festivities.  I’m looking forward to the new year when the days will start getting longer, the weather will slowly start inching towards spring-time temperatures, and some scheduling changes to my day job will give me more time to devote to this farming project – yay!

In the meantime, a regular part of my day still includes checking on the chickens, feeding them, getting them fresh water, and letting them in and out of their coop.  Yesterday morning when I went to let them out into their run, I discovered an egg in the coop – we have another layer folks!  After our one layer Sally got picked off by our neighbourhood hawk, we’ve had no eggs coming from our own chickens.  Looks like our young chickens are finally growing up now and we will get to start enjoying some farm-grown food.

Photos above:  the egg, the front of the chicken coop, the chickens outside in their run.

PS – I can only handle photo documenting with an iPhone camera for so long.  Time to invest in a good camera – better photos coming soon!