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Our white winter weather has finally arrived!

The past couple months have been unusually mild and dry for a west coast winter (last week I was building garden beds in a t-shirt). Although great for outdoor productivity, this weekend’s snowfall has been a welcome change. It slows things down and inspires winter wonderland hikes, steaming cups of tea and book reading. I love it!

The chickens, on the other hand, are not so crazy about it. Their usual morning frenzy to get outside and free range around the yard was stopped short when they felt it on their little chicken feet. Poor chickens, you’ll just have to wait till it melts, which may be awhile since the forecast calls for at least a week more of it. Yay! Here’s to more snowy, still mornings and neighbourhood snowmen.

first snow!


We got our first farm snow of the winter on friday night!  I got up early saturday morning and walked around to take some photos (I stole baby Kai from his Oma to take him along with me).  Tomorrow is supposed to get as low as -9 C.  That’s pretty cold for this part of BC – brrrr!

Since I’m behind on winterizing the trailer, I’ve been doing what I can to make my little abode cozy.  I’ve started up the propane heater which has helped.  It doesn’t make the space hot, but it definitely makes it more comfortable.  I’ve also installed insulating film on half of the windows including the three large ones that surround my bed (will do the rest of the windows this week), bought a radiator for the outhouse (that composting toilet needs warmth to work), and most luxuriously, I’ve purchased an electric fleece blanket and IT IS AMAZING.  My bed is now a sublime cocoon of heat.  It makes the cats and I very happy.

Despite the cold snap, work is still getting done on the farm… more blog posts on the way later today!