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Cozy-ish inside, Arctic outflow outside


The really cold weather (for our region) has finally arrived and I’m reminded of what my first winter in the trailer felt like. FREEZING.

I’m typing this post from bed (hopped in right after taking the photo above). My fingers feel like icicles and I can see my breath. As soon as I’m done, I’ll bury myself completely under my blankets and the combination of my space heater, heating blanket, and two cuddly cats will keep me warm.

It’s -8 outside right now. My pipes are frozen (and likely will be until Friday since temperatures aren’t expected to rise above -5 until then) and I have a large pile of dirty dishes next to the sink which are annoying, but probably not worth the effort of making multiple trips up to Julie and Chris’ place for buckets of water I can boil. 

I was grumpy about the cold and frozen pipes when I got home from work tonight, but then I reminded myself that ‘this is still an adventure’, so I cooked some dinner, lit some candles and am trying to relish in the ‘romance’ of it all. 

I hope everyone is warm and indoors tonight and that our friends who don’t have homes or trailers have found themselves heated places to stay safe. 

Goodnight all. x