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my composting toilet


So…guess who bought her very own composting toilet this weekend?!  Yep, putting a new toilet and black water tank inside the trailer was getting complicated and so when Chris suggested a composting toilet outside in a little hut next to my trailer, it just made sense. This way I have more storage space inside the trailer (I’m going to put in shelves where the sink used to be that I had ripped out to make room for a toilet) and I’ll have a toilet that doesn’t put any pressure on the resources and utilities on the farm. Waterless, non-electric and septic tank free… I’m pretty excited about it. Will definitely let you know how it works out.

For those interested, I got a Sun Mar Excel Non-Electric and I bought it from Battery Direct in Burnaby.  If anyone is thinking of getting a Sun Mar composting toilet, Battery Direct has a ton in stock that you can pick up immediately (as opposed to Home Depot where you have to wait 5 weeks for delivery).

Funnnn!  My parent’s helped me get started on my deck and outhouse this weekend. It’s not complete yet, so stay tuned for final pictures and a personal review…