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my birthday toilet


So, my dad has been working hard at building me a deck and an ‘outhouse’ for my new composting toilet and this past weekend, Chris and my friend Matt (Julie’s brother) installed my toilet for me – on my birthday (talk about a memorable present!).&nb
sp; There are still a few things left to do to complete the outhouse, but the toilet is in and is IN USE.  And so far so good!

Thanks Dad for the ongoing help and big thanks to Chris and Matt for spending their saturday giving me the gift of, umm…well, a shitter.  :)

Completed photos and full description of how a composting toilet works (because I know you’re all experiencing toilet jealousy now) coming soon!

my composting toilet


So…guess who bought her very own composting toilet this weekend?!  Yep, putting a new toilet and black water tank inside the trailer was getting complicated and so when Chris suggested a composting toilet outside in a little hut next to my trailer, it just made sense. This way I have more storage space inside the trailer (I’m going to put in shelves where the sink used to be that I had ripped out to make room for a toilet) and I’ll have a toilet that doesn’t put any pressure on the resources and utilities on the farm. Waterless, non-electric and septic tank free… I’m pretty excited about it. Will definitely let you know how it works out.

For those interested, I got a Sun Mar Excel Non-Electric and I bought it from Battery Direct in Burnaby.  If anyone is thinking of getting a Sun Mar composting toilet, Battery Direct has a ton in stock that you can pick up immediately (as opposed to Home Depot where you have to wait 5 weeks for delivery).

Funnnn!  My parent’s helped me get started on my deck and outhouse this weekend. It’s not complete yet, so stay tuned for final pictures and a personal review…