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Field trip to Richmond’s Seedy Saturday


Chris K, Chris M, Kai and Julie pose with some of our Seedy Saturday purchases: starter bags for growing our own shitaake and oyster mushrooms!

This weekend we joined up with some other Maple Ridge gardening residents and carpooled down to the Seedy Saturday event at the Richmond Sharing Farm. 

It. Was. Awesome.

Gorgeous sunny day, LOTS of people enjoying the event, inspiring garden plots to look at, fun seeds to buy, gardening tips to learn… Very, very enjoyable.

In addition to the mushroom starter bags (in the photo above) from The Mushroom Man, we picked up some veggie seeds from the Richmond Fruit Tree project and from legendary Harold Steves (the man behind the creation of the Agricultural Land Reserve, his seed info here), as well as some berry bushes from The Urban Fruitery (no website).

Also at the event were the folks from Pacific Permaculture, a mason bee group, Tatiana’s Tomatoes (a local business with an INCREDIBLE number of tomato seeds that they save in their seed bank – we’re talking almost 4000 tomato varieties!), and another table that I didn’t get to (I think it was farm meat of some kind). 

Afterwards, some of us stopped by the West Coast Seeds store in Ladner to pick up a large list of additional seeds (SUPER cute store! Everyone should visit!) and now I’m pretty much obsessed with seeds. 

Big thanks to Gail (instructor of the current Growing Food workshops in Maple Ridge) for organizing the field trip! 

Other upcoming Seedy Saturday events in the Lower Mainland:

Mission – All Saints Anglican Church, April 7th, 9-2pm
 – Historic Stewart Farm, April 14th, 11-3pm

Chilliwack – Mathieson Centre, April 28, 1-3