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free wood & woodchips!


Here at the farm, we’re all over the idea of free stuff.  There are a lot of costs associated with starting up a working farm and we’re trying to do things as economically as possible.  And there’s nothing more economical than free!

So, with that in mind, we’re pretty stoked to be the recipients of free wood and woodchips from Bartlett Tree Experts.  Brian (pictured) works for Bartlett Tree Experts.  When I first moved to the farm in August, he dropped off a big pile of wood for us (for burning in Chris and Julie’s fireplace) and this week he came by with a truck full of cedar woodchips!

Brian is married to Lesley who is a close friend and colleague of Julie’s – that’s how we got the connection and the offer for free wood.  And the cool thing is that we save BTE money when we take their wood off their hands because they’d have to pay money to dump it somewhere else.  Everybody wins!

Thanks so much Brian, Lesley and Barlett Tree Experts!  We love your wood and we’ve already started making use of the woodchips (next blog post will show what we’ve done with them so far :).

gifted a trailer!


This long weekend has been B U S Y.  Too busy to blog – until now.  Figured I’d work my way backwards through the weekend in an attempt to try to remember everything…

We had a delivery this afternoon that’s pretty sweet.  My sister’s colleague Thea, her husband Peter and their sons Noah and Lucas came by today to give us a trailer!  They’ve been looking for another home for their trailer for awhile and when they heard about our farm venture through my sister, they thought they’d donate it towards our efforts here at the farm. 

The plywood siding needs replacing but the frame is solid.  It’ll be great to have around here to help us haul things.  I’m thinking we should replace the plywood and paint it bright red or something, so that even when it’s not in use, it will make a cheery addition to the place.

Thanks so much Thea, Peter, Noah and Lucas!  Come back again to visit anytime!

the gift of a truck


This weekend I received the incredible gift of a truck from my very generous friends Tommi and Cary (and their son Magnus :). I’ve known Tommi and Cary for almost 10 years and so have Chris and Julie here at the farm. Tommi and Cary have actually been helping out here on the property for a number of years already (mostly with interior home renos so far) and were super excited and supportive of the idea of me moving out here. As soon as they read my blog post about needing to buy a truck, they sent me an email that started something like this, “Hi Joc – we read your blog post about needing a truck and well, have we got a deal for you!…”

Cary and Tommi are very generously gifting me their rarely-used truck for the year while I’m on the farm. It helps them out because it frees up space in their one-car garage and it helps me out because it means I don’t have to go out and buy my own truck (I’m not exactly an expert at truck purchasing and whatever I can cut out of my budget is a huge help to me).

I’ll be getting insurance on it this week, but I took it for a little spin around the farm on saturday and it was fun! I’m pretty excited about being a truck girl!

Cary and Tommi and Magnus – I love you all! Thank you SO much for this incredible gift – it’s totally a blessing. Can’t wait to have you back on the farm soon for a big thank you feast! xoxo