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free wood & woodchips!


Here at the farm, we’re all over the idea of free stuff.  There are a lot of costs associated with starting up a working farm and we’re trying to do things as economically as possible.  And there’s nothing more economical than free!

So, with that in mind, we’re pretty stoked to be the recipients of free wood and woodchips from Bartlett Tree Experts.  Brian (pictured) works for Bartlett Tree Experts.  When I first moved to the farm in August, he dropped off a big pile of wood for us (for burning in Chris and Julie’s fireplace) and this week he came by with a truck full of cedar woodchips!

Brian is married to Lesley who is a close friend and colleague of Julie’s – that’s how we got the connection and the offer for free wood.  And the cool thing is that we save BTE money when we take their wood off their hands because they’d have to pay money to dump it somewhere else.  Everybody wins!

Thanks so much Brian, Lesley and Barlett Tree Experts!  We love your wood and we’ve already started making use of the woodchips (next blog post will show what we’ve done with them so far :).