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farmhouse fireplace transformation


So, this is reaching even farther back into our farm activities, but I did say that I have a lot of blog posts to catch up on…

About a month and a half ago (at least), Julie and Chris decided that it was time to modernize their red brick fireplace. They called on our trusted and talented interior design/ artist friends Cary and Tommi for some help and the plastering-painting project began…

Of course, like all communal activities on the farm, the fireplace project was much more than just that – it also involved brunch, coffee breaks, lunch and visits to the chicken coop…but in the end, the fireplace did get completed and it looks amazing!

Interior transformations on farms are, after all, just as important as exterior transformations :)

Before & after photos of the fireplace as well as the other activities of the day above.

PS – I completely forgot to mention the mantle! Chris built that gorgeous mantle out of the same wood he used for the flooring in the house. I’ll upload an even newer photo soon because the mantle was still in development here. It’s now smoothed out and polished up and is a seriously gorgeous feature in their home.