To-do lists and a week of no responsibility


In 48 hours, Chris and I will be in Toronto. He’ll be catching up with friends and family and I’ll be meeting his friends and family for the first time – finally! We’re leaving behind our farm and animal responsibilities for a week to celebrate a wedding in Ontario’s cottage country and to make pit-stops in Toronto and Ottawa to visit friends and family. Although it’s a busy time on the farm and we have unrealistic to-do lists, this trip will be a very welcome and appreciated break (one that I don’t think we’ll truly appreciate until we’re actually on it).

No early animal feedings, no duck poop on flip-flops, no never-ending watering, no weeding and planting and weeding and planting, no long harvest days, no packing up and unpacking and setting up and taking down and packing up and unpacking again on market days… Nope, we’re going to kick back with friends and family, stay in a cabin, dance at a wedding, carpool with a bestest of friends from cottage country to the capital, drink in pubs, and watch movies and read books guilt-free on airplanes. 


(I make our farm life sound so hard, don’t I? ;)

So, off we go on our merry adventure (our first air travel together!).  Because of the trip, we won’t be at this Saturday’s Haney Farmers Market or next Thursday’s Royal City market, but we’ll be back in the swing of things next Saturday, Sept. 8th. See you then!