Market Booth Feature: My Mom’s Baby Quilts


I’m writing this post to show off my mom’s beautiful quilts that we’ll be selling at our Farm for Life market booth every Saturday at the Haney Farmers Market

My mom loves quilting. For the last ten years (at least) she’s been making quilts to gift to loved ones. Her very first quilt was one she made for me out of all the African fabrics I brought home from a meaningful trip to W. Africa. Since then she’s made beautiful large bed quilts for friends who’ve gotten married and lots of sweet, soft, baby quilts for friends who’ve had children. (And of course, she made us our awesome Farm Market banner booth!).

When I knew that Chris and I would be starting a market booth business, I encouraged my mom to try to sell some quilts through it and she agreed! She’s made a handful of new baby quilts which I’ve photographed here for you to get a close look at. They’re beautifully done and backed with super soft fabrics that babies love to snuggle up to. They make very special baby shower gifts and are really affordable for homemade quilts (ranging from $70-$120 each depending on the pattern and time spent making them). 

Come check them out at our booth tomorrow or email me at if you’re interested in a quilt, but can’t make it to the market.