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Timing is Everything: When to Plant on the West Coast


I’m impatient. I want to plant everything now and be able to harvest everything…yesterday. When oh when will I be running outside to eat my own fresh veggies again? Winter around here feels like it lasts FOREVER sometimes. I know this week marks the official start to spring, but seriously, that hail storm this morning did not feel spring-ish to me…

So, since I only have a couple food growing seasons under my belt and because I need something to dampen my impatience, I’ve been spending a lot of time researching information on when exactly I should plant things and, consequently, when I’ll be able to eat the grown products (obviously). For my research, I’m relying heavily on the advice printed on seed packets and on helpful websites. In the process, I’ve become very thankful for the planting charts that are put out by West Coast Seeds, one of our favorite seed suppliers.

I recently recommended the charts to a friend who’s starting her first veggie garden this year so I thought I’d post them up on this blog for others to use as resources as well. The charts are available in the West Coast Seeds Catalogue, but you can also find them electronically on their website. Find the Vegetable Planting Chart here and the Herbs and Flower Chart here (shown in image above). 

The charts have been designed with BC West Coast gardeners in mind. If you live in other regions of the world, you’ll want to find a guide that’s more suitable to your climate and agricultural zone. However, for those of us living in this part of the world, according to these charts, we should be getting outside right now and direct seeding argula, broad beans, carrots, kale, parsnips, peas, and more in our garden beds. Hail be damned (although sunshine really would be appreciated), there are seeds to plant! Happy planting!