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Vancouver Urban Farming Forum resources


This weekend’s Vancouver Urban Farming Forum starts tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to attending it. Thoughtful discourse and solutions-based discussions on the topic of food security at a local level are SO important right now. The current industrial, global food system is completely unsustainable and unhealthy for the planet and all living things on it. It’s time for people to regain control of their food and find empowerment and fulfillment while doing so. The fact that urban farming discussions are taking place in cities around the world (in partnership between the grassroots and municiple levels) indicates an acknowledged need for change and a desire to explore new ideas (and return to some ideas of the past that were – and still are being – bulldozed over by the big business agriculture industry). This is an exciting thing!

In advance of this weekend’s forum, attendees have been receiving ‘homework’: background information about the topics to be covered as well as other interesting urban farming information. I thought I’d post the links here for others to find because it all looks really interesting. Enjoy!


Lantzville (oh, where to start?!):


San Francisco: