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Just another Thursday on the Farm


Today was a typical, awesome, summertime day on the farm. A great part of farming and running your own market business is that you get to be your own boss. There is always more to do than we manage to get done, but we do have some flexibility when it comes to deciding what to do when. Every day I wake up and think to myself, ‘What fun things should I put on my to-do list today?’. For real. It’s pretty amazing.

Here’s a list of what Chris and I did today – just another Thursday on the farm:

– let out, fed, and watered the ducks, pigs, chickens, and rabbits;

– watered the garden beds and the seedlings in the greenhouse;

– painted a large piece of plywood with chalkboard paint for our farmers market booth;

– had breakfast;

– baked three loaves of vegan zucchini bread;

– harvested potatoes;

– shovelled mushroom manure and wheeled it to a new garden bed space;

– had lunch;

– rototilled the mushroom manure into the new bed space & installed hoop house frames (go Chris!);

– collected compost from local, organic grocer;

– visited and watered veggie plants at two other local properties we grow on;

– chatted with the 4H folks who come to feed and play with the pigs in the evenings;

– harvested onions;

– snacked on raspberries right off the canes;

– hung out with Chris, Julie and Kai in the garden;

– snacked on Julie’s freshly picked snap peas;

– wrote on chalkboard signs in preparation for Saturday’s market;

– locked the animals in for the night;

– stopped to smell the butterfly bush flowers;

– ate dinner;

– decided to write a blog post;

Not so bad, right? xo