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New Bounty


I’ve been in Ontario for the last week and was excited to get back to the farm to see how things were doing and to dive into some more projects on our to-do list. One of the really magical things about living here is how quickly things grow and change. Every day that I’m here, I discover or experience something new which brings a sense of wonderment that is, without trying to sound too cheesy, truly delightful. Whether it’s quirky chicken behavior, new lavender-coloured blossoms on our bean plants, or hummingbirds pausing long enough on fence posts for us to get a good look at them, life here on the farm is constantly buzzing and it makes me really happy.

It wasn’t too much of a surprise, then, that I arrived home to new things. Yesterday I pulled up some of the biggest turnips I’ve ever seen (I’ll have to get Chantalle to post the turnip recipe she tried last night – delicious!), filled a bowl full of fresh raspberries (went into my fruit smoothie this morning), checked on the status of our first Jonagold apples, collected three eggs from the chicken coop (also part of my breakfast this morning) and managed to get a peek at three new little chicks before they hid underneath their brooding mom’s feathers.

I can’t wait to see what these chicks look like as they get bigger. Our rooster is a Chinese silkie of punk rocker proportions and our hens are a mix of Chinese silkies, Russian orloffs, and crazy-feathered Poles. These little Eurasian chicks are gonna be fun. I’ll post photos as soon as they stay out in the open long enough to let me. 

It’s good to be home!