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Planting spring bulbs in January


This will be a bit of experiment (just like everything else we’re doing). We didn’t buy or plant any spring bulbs this past fall, so I grabbed myself some 50% off bags when I was at a local nursery a few weeks ago and planted them today. I’ve done some internet research and it sounds like bulbs often grow just fine even if they’re planted late. We’ll see how they do here. Since our weather is so mild (most of the time), I’m hoping these bulbs have a successful season.

It’s a beautiful day out today. The forecast calls for rain and I think it’ll start soon, but I spent a couple of balmy hours in the garden this morning, building more beds and weeding the flower bed we have that runs along the length of our chicken run. As I was weeding, I discovered that most of our old bulbs from last year have started sending up shoots again (no rotting – yay!) which means we may have a really full, really beautiful spring flower bed in a few months. 

New bulbs that I planted today: grape hyacinths, tulips (Princess Irene), crocus’ (Goldilocks), and large hyacinths (Hipsya Queen).

I’ll report back on how the late plantings do!