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she’s a he?


She’s a he?

She’s a he!

I question whether this is really blog-worthy, but discoveries like this happen daily at the farm and I totally revel in them. It’s part of the ongoing educational experience of this project and these kinds of happenings continue to elicit a childlike response out of me. It still feels VERY cool to me that I’m here, participating in something like this – living in a trailer with pipes that freeze a lot, fetching fresh water for rabbits and chickens on frozen mornings, etc… Still lovin’ it!

But I digress… this week I discovered that Silkie Wang (one of our original chickens) is actually a rooster. Yeah…we had no idea. We got her – I mean him – from the Langley farm auction last September along with a little silkie, Silkie Wing. We just kind of presumed that they were a mother/ daughter pair and that was that.

However, earlier this week I was tossing some composting scraps into the chicken run – something that Silkie Wang LOVES (she always beats the other chickens to the good stuff) when all of a sudden, she – I mean he – started crowing. Yep, just like that – kind of a rough, warbly cock-a-doodle-do. I swear my jaw dropped. We had NO idea. We’ve never heard him crow before, but it explains a lot now – why he’s so big and why we were never getting any eggs from him.

So yeah, our she is a he. It’s kind of amusing.

This is my life now and it makes me very happy :)