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Getting interviewed on the radio!


After the Country Life in BC article about our farming project went to print in December, I was contacted by Gord Houweling, a retired dairy farmer from Abbotsford, and invited to be on his radio show, Home Sweet Home.


The radio interview is taking place this Saturday. It will be aired live on RJ1200 (which happens to be Vancouver’s #1 Bollywood Station which is AWESOME) from 12 noon to 1pm. I’m so excited! A little nervous of course – it is it a live interview after all. Still, I’m really looking forward to sharing our story with a wider audience and experiencing what it’s like inside a radio station. 

Gord and his co-host Dave do the show once a month and interview farmers and gardeners about a number of topics. Gord came out and visited me at the farm this morning to get a tour and chat in person. We’ll be discussing our Farm for Life project and permaculture on the radio show. I can’t find recorded episodes of the show online, which means if you’re interested in hearing it, you’ll probably have to listen to the live airing, but if I can get my hands on a recording of it, I’ll definitely post it here.

I’m hoping to bring along another member of the farm to join me, or else rope my bf Chris in (being the total permaculture nerd that he is) so the audience can hear from more than just me. We’ll see. I’ll let you know how it goes. (Or else tune in to RJ1200 at noon on Saturday to hear for yourself! :)