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moving week



It’s a busy week.  All of my free time is being spent packing up my stuff and making drop-off runs out to the farm and out to my parent’s place. Despite the purge, I still feel like I have way too much stuff!  I think I’m going to need another dose of downsizing when I try to fit the things I still own into my trailer.  Hmmm… less is more, less is more…

My parent’s and I went out to the farm one afternoon last week to ‘move’ the trailer and to start the renovations.  It didn’t really go as planned – and I’ve got video clips to prove it.  Stay tuned for ‘The trailer that wouldn’t start and the motorhome, manpower, and ingenuity that came to its rescue’.  In the meantime, some photos of my parents helping me clean and prep for renos and a sneak peak shot at the trailer who refused to budge…