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A visit from the masters of Six Masters’ Farm


Last weekend we had a really special visit from Tony and Marlene of Six Masters’ Farm.  Tony and Marlene make up half of the combined venture that is Six Masters’ Farm.  They’re also our friend Cary’s uncle and aunt.  As soon as Cary heard about our farming plans, she insisted that we connect with Tony and Marlene.  Tony and Marlene are both academics and last year Tony and his farming partner Walter left their previous careers and embarked on a farming adventure of their own.

Six Masters’ Farm is located in Chilliwack, BC, and specializes in beef, duck, chicken and rabbit.  They take great care of their animals, giving them lots of space to move around in and feeding them only natural, chemical free, hormone free and pesticide free food.  They use only pigeon manure which their website states, “…is reputedly the best and most balanced of all natural fertilizers. According to ancient Egyptian texts, the Pharaohs kept this poop under lock and key because it was reputed to have magical properties when applied to the land…”

Obviously, all of this information made us pretty eager to meet Tony and Marlene so last sunday night, we had them over to our farm-in-the-making for a farm tour and communal dinner – and most importantly a chance to glean some insight, tips and lessons learned from their own farming experiences.

It was an EXCELLENT visit and we all enjoyed Tony and Marlene’s company.  Both colourful characters (in a good way!) in their own right, Tony and Marlene shared their story with us and all the farming adventures they’ve had so far.  They also shared two ducks from their property and we had an amazing feast of duck (stuffed with rhubarb!), roasted potatoes and salad, lots of wine and a chocolate mousse & raspberry dessert.  Delicious!

I took a lot of notes of what was discussed that night, but I’m pretty sure that notebook is sitting on my office desk at my day job right now, so I won’t be sharing those tidbits just yet, but I wanted to get this blog post up and give a big shout out and thank you to Tony and Marlene!  THANK YOU and please come back again soon!

We haven’t been out to their farm yet, but we’ll definitely make the trip and if you’re looking for some local, healthy, delicious, farm-raised meat, check out their contact info and farm details on their website!