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Vancouver Urban Farming Forum 2011


Okay, so the policy geek in me is SO excited about this upcoming Vancouver Urban Farming Forum (Nov. 25-26). Transitioning cities towards future planning and policy practices that include (and even prioritize) urban farming is so important (in my opinion) and something that is so fun to daydream about. I love thinking about all the un-utilized and under-utilized space in cities being transformed into healthy, green, food producing plots. The list of potential benefits is varied and inspiring: improved aesthetics, air quality and soil quality; increased availability of healthy, locally-grown food that tackles food security issues related to affordability and decreased dependence on fossil fuels as part of the food production/delivery model; improved biodiversity levels in urban areas; elevated opportunities for reconnecting ourselves emotionally, mentally and spiritually with food and the environment; etc. I’m SO glad that Vancouver’s city officials are interested and open to exploring this important topic and I’m excited to hear what they and the urban farmer presenters will have to say.

I’ll be in attendance at the forum, taking notes and tweeting conversation tid-bits that I find inspiring and intriguing. In addition to listening to and being part of the discussions taking place, I’m really looking forward to the networking opportunities at the forum. I’m sure there’ll be some cool farmers with good advice and ideas that I’ll be able to take back to our farm with me.

Register for the early bird price of $25 before Oct. 21st if you’re interested in attending.