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October farm to-do-list


This blog post is a little late now that there’s only one week left before November begins, but the group of us met earlier in the month to discuss our goals for October. We haven’t been very good at meeting regularly to discuss farm matters, create goals and divvy up the managing of projects, so our October meeting was intented to kick-start regular monthly meetings and to inspire us to make lists and get stuff done.

October projects:

  • plant spring bulbs (around the property, including the guilds)
  • plant perennial seeds (if we want some?)
  • plant garlic, radishes, broad beans and spinach
  • cut back raspberry canes
  • transplant new trees & shrubs ($150 allocated to new food trees)
  • dig up an offered cherry tree waiting in a friend’s yard & relocate it to our farm
  • do dump & recycling runs with trash on the property
  • set up rain barrels
  • create a ‘potting’ table
  • complete duck paddock
  • get hay (for animal bedding & for mulching)
  • research free compost & bread (for chickens) options
  • build rabbit tractor

Longer-term goals discussed:

  • expand fencing 
  • expand guilds into a food forest 
  • fix house roof 
  • expand chicken run & produce more eggs 
  • be more intentional about harvesting 
  • prepare to join farmers market 
  • expand food growing areas 
  • create food storage systems – cold storage & greenhouse 

Looking at this list now, it’s clear that we have a busy week ahead of us to get everything done that we wanted to complete in October. It’s good to make lists, but even better to review them. Time to get cracking!