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Starting seedlings in early February


I can’t believe it’s February 7th. It feels like full-on spring. GORGEOUS, warm, sunny day. Amazing. I love it. The nights are still cold and the mornings still frosty, but this recent daytime weather, partnered with our need to start seedlings now if we want to have produce to sell when the farmers markets open in May meant that I spent today planting seeds in trays. In the sunshine. With the ducks, chickens and cats roaming around my feet. Perfect.

Since we don’t have our greenhouse up yet, I am using a mini-greenhouse-shelving-unit-thingy (a hand-me-down gift from my friends Abbey and Alex) and a cold frame box that my bf Chris built that I’m topping with an antique window (free find on craigslist). Until the nights warm up, I’m keeping the units next to the house. They’ll get good sun exposure there, while also benefiting from the warmth of the house at night.

I prepared 10 trays with:

  • scallions
  • radishes
  • zucchini
  • sunflowers
  • artichokes
  • broad beans
  • 4 different varieties of peas
  • sweet peas (non-edible, flowering – great for attracting pollinators)

I’m hoping this lovely weather continues, that cold snaps stay away, and that our early seedlings do well. We’ll see!