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May long weekend productivity


It was a bit of a quiet long weekend on the farm. Half of the farm members were away for most of it, but despite the lower body count, a few of us still got out and took advantage of the mostly-nice weather to get some stuff done. Photos above and a list below of some of our weekend accomplishments. Big kudos to our newest farm member Ryan who has jumped right in to help. Lovin’ the extra pair of hands!

  • got topsoil delivered and shovelled it onto all of the deep beds;
  • started planting some veggies in the deep beds (carrots, leeks, beets, and turnips);
  • transplanted tomato seedlings into pots on the south-facing side of the garage;
  • chopped and stacked firewood;
  • burnt through at least a third of the old, disgusting junk wood pile;
  • weeded the garlic, peas and bean patch;
  • got some leftover blueberry bushes planted;
  • got free rainbarrels from Ryan’s dad (thank you!);
  • hosted two bonfire evenings for friends;
  • had a visit from some new friends (and regular blog readers) who delivered us some compost from their household to add to our pile (thanks for coming Sherry, Jeff & the kids!);

We hope everyone else had a wonderful long weekend and got a chance to spend some time outside – hopefully in the dirt!