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checking out the local nurseries


The farm girls spent some time exploring local nurseries this weekend, looking for great deals on fruit trees, shrubs and seeds.  We LOVE nurseries – especially beautiful ones!  Farm girls in a nursery are like kids in a candy shop – oohing and aahing over everything and wishing we could buy up all the beautiful trees and flowering plants. 

We checked out two nurseries:  Triple Tree Nurseryland in Maple Ridge and Cedar Rim Nursery in Langley.  Triple Tree Nurseryland is BEAUTIFUL.  It’s very thoughtfully groomed with impressive displays of well-manicured plants and a pond that holds the biggest coy fish I’ve ever seen.  All of the photos above were taken at Triple Tree. 

Although we bought our kiwi vines, some bulbs and a few small plants from Triple Tree, we made most of our big purchases at Cedar Rim Nursery.  Cedar Rim Nursery is located in Langley and it is HUGE.  It’s a wholesale nursery which means that other nurseries go to Cedar Rim to buy their stock.  It’s pretty fun to explore Cedar Rim – you need to use a map to navigate yourself around and find what you’re looking for because the place is so big.  I think we spent 3 hours there picking out our fruit trees, herbs, garlic and shrubs.  They have some big sales on right now:  buy 2 fruit trees, get the 3rd free, a 50% off coupon that each customer can use on one item that costs up to $150, plus 5% off your entire bill if you sign up to be a member (free).  Needless to say, we took advantage of the deals and bought ourselves a nectarine tree, apple tree, fig tree, plum tree, as well as other small plants.  The nursery grampa (at least that’s what I think I heard him referred to as), a white haired British gentleman in khakis, helped us gather up all of our purchases.

The staff at both nurseries were really helpful and encouraging, giving us great advice and promoting other nurseries if we couldn’t find what we were looking for at theirs (always a nice touch).  It was nice to get out this weekend to do this kind of shopping and exploring.  Both nurseries are places that I’ll definitely return to – to both purchase things and to just wander around to get inspired and learn new plant information.  I recommend a visit to both if you’ve never been!