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making the motor home *almost* ready


So, my labour day weekend was spent doing a lot of work on the motor home as well as some really fun farming stuff (but you’ll hear about that later this week).  And thank the Good Lord above that I have such a supportive family because there’s no way I would have gotten everything done without them.  I was feeling pretty stressed late last week about getting everything ready so that I can move into the motor home this wednesday when Chris and Julie get home.  The biggest stress factor was related to the toilet, but when I admitted that it just wouldn’t be done in time, I relaxed a lot.  I’ll still move into the motor home – just making trips to the house for bathroom breaks once in awhile :)

So, in point form, this is how my family and I spent the last few days:

  • dad removed the tile in the bathroom so we could access the hidden black water tank;
  • turns out the tank has two big, jagged holes in the top of it and a leaky valve;
  • I considered alternatives: portable toilets (no thank you) or composting toilets (super cool, but the space is too small), so looks like we’ll be replacing the black water tank and then putting in the toilet;
  • dad picked up a table stand for the beach seating area (he’s making a table top for it this week);
  • dad tidied up ‘unfinished’ areas, including putting wood panels below the fridge (previously stuffed with previous owner’s socks), added finished wood around the heater as well as a screen that covers it up while letting the heat out;
  • I picked up insurance and license plates for the truck;
  • I did an IKEA and Home Depot run;
  • I packed up most of my clothes and remaining belongings and found homes for them in the motor home;
  • I installed blind on the kitchen window;
  • Steph helped me clean Chris and Julie’s place from top to bottom (superwoman cleaner!);
  • mom finished all the remaining curtains;
  • mom made a tailor-sized bed sheet for my extra long sleeping area;
  • dad re-routed the electricity cables & water hose up along the rafter line of the pole barn to keep them off the ground and out of people’s way;
  • dad put up wall panels in the bathroom where the wall and wires were exposed (had previously been hidden by the sink that was in there);
  • I cleared the rest of my stuff out of Chris and Julie’s garage and found homes for it in the motor home;
  • ummm…I’m tired and I can’t remember any more right now….other than the seriously cool farm-related activities that took place, but I can’t tell you about it yet because it’s a surprise for Chris and Julie!

I’m sure there was more, but for now it’s 10:43pm after a long, long weekend of errands, manual labour, toilet strategizing, etc.  We got pretty soaked today because we were doing half of this stuff in the rain, which is why there are no photos of today’s activities (other than the trailer delivery ones that are two blog posts earlier).

Okay, I feel like I’m rambling.  Time for bed.  Motor home move-in in T-minus 2 days!  So glad most of the motor home stuff is done!