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trailer decor: cushion covers


So, the interior of my trailer is a pretty nice blank canvas in a lot of ways. At some point in it’s former life, it received a pretty substantial (from the looks of thin

gs) gutting and reno-ing, resulting in a wood panelled, open, airy space. The only built in ‘furniture’ in it is the U-shaped bench at the back (where my dad is sitting in one of the photos above). The last couple that lived in the trailer had their bed in that space, but I’m opting to make that the sitting, eating, boardgame playing area. Obviously though, it needs a boost of softness and comfort if people are going to want to hang out back there, so one of the first projects my parents and I have taken on is making sitting cushions for the bench.

A couple months ago, I scored some awesome, beautiful, expensive, Italian wool fabric from the Inform Warehouse Sale. My sister works at Inform and gave me the heads-up that a bunch of left over fabric from Bensen furniture designs was sitting around in boxes and being offered for $5 per colour. I ended up getting a huge box full of this seriously gorgeous fabric for under $50. I’m using it to cover the sitting cushions in the trailer. Talk about an upscale boardgame playing zone :)

My parents, being the super awesome supportive people that they are, hunted down some affordable foam, cut it to fit and are sewing the cushion covers for me. I’m not sure how I lucked out and became the colour coordinator/ director while they do all the grunt work, but like I said, they’re super awesome supportive.

The plan is to have the cushions done and in the trailer by the end of this week – stay tuned for ‘after’ photos!