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hellooo herb spiral!


After cancelling our March work party day because of a bad weather forecast that never materialized, a few of us on the farm did what we could without the masses…including completing the creation of The Herb Spiral.

Matty took the project on with some serious determination and whipped up our lovely little spiral pretty quickly with the help of the tractor and some extra muscle (no one should be a hero when it comes to moving large boulders). Good job Matty – we think it looks great!

We haven’t actually planted any herbs in it yet, but it’s going to look pretty darn lovely when it’s bursting with a variety of herb leaves and scents.

Herb spirals are a permaculture method of gardening that rely on nature to do most of the work, keeping us herb eaters stocked with a regular supply of deliciousness and a healthy amount of laziness (*smile*). The spirals are built-up mounds of earth, surrounded by a ring of stones that spiral their way up to the top of the mound. Herbs are thoughtfully planted throughout the spiral with those needing less water planted at the top (best drainage), leaving those that like things a little soggy nearer to the bottom (the soggy bit). Herbs are also planted in such a way that those that like full sun get it while those who like a bit of shade can be protected from the sun if planted in the right location within the spiral.

There are a lot of interesting articles, DIY instructions and photos/ drawings of herb spirals on the internet. I recommend you check them out. They’re pretty enticing and definitely the kind of thing you could do in a small backyard.