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A visit from a PDC class


This week we had a visit from a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) class. The PDC is a course that was developed by Bill Mollison, the ‘father of permaculture’, to teach principles and foundations of sustainable design. 

The class that came to our farm is being taught by Delvin Solkinson of Gaiacraft. It’s the second time Delvin has brought a class to our farm to check out some of our projects and discuss methods of permaculture design and we love it when he and his students come (extra fun to see some familiar faces in this class!).

Hosting groups of people who are interested in this stuff encourages us in our own work here on the farm and we always learn a lot from our visitors. With Delvin’s class, we spent some time examining our soggy, buttercup-filled back meadow and discussed methods of gardening within that kind of space and environment. Definitely helpful!

For any other groups out there who are interested in coming by for a visit, either to observe and learn from some of the stuff we’ve done, to give suggestions or to get your hands dirty helping us on a project, please let us know. We’d love to have you! Email us at thefarmforlifeproject@gmail.com.

And check out Delvin’s newest class, starting this March, the All Seasons Advance Permaculture Diploma Program. Cheers!