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Autumn farm plans


Yesterday afternoon, we had our first official farm meeting now that everyone is back from holidays and settling into life on the farm. Matt (pictured) sketched up a visual birds-eye view of the farm and we began brainstorming about what we want to do with the land and where we want to put things (plants, animals, greenhouse, compost, etc).

The meeting resulted in a long to-do list that included:

Autumn farm neccessities:

  • reading through parts of John Seymour’s Self Sufficient Gardener book;
  • planning gardens and inviting gardening mentors over for advise and consulting;
  • rototilling the land we want to plant on;
  • fixing fences;
  • completing the chicken coop and building two additional chicken run areas;
  • scanning craigslist for materials and usable freebies;
  • digging out the weedy drainage ditch;
  • researching, buying and planting winter vegetables;
  • fix up composts;

Autumn farm dreams:

  • building a duck shelter, digging a duck pond and buying ducks;
  • building a fence and shelter for pigs;
  • building a greenhouse;

Autumn family neccessities:

  • figure out weekly chores (garbage & recycling);
  • fix lean of feed bin and propane tank;
  • fix gable siding;
  • paint house;

And making a plan for a big work party for a weekend in late September. Work party invite coming soon for those of you interested in getting your hands dirty and helping us out!