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Fergus & Lola explore the farm


Those people who know me (and even those who don’t) probably know that I have cats. Because I talk about them a lot. What can I say? I love animals and my cats are my little buddies. I’ve had Fergus (black & white tabby) and Lola (my lioness, the Norwegian Forest Cat) for about 4 years now. They really are great cats – flexible, affectionate, almost more like dogs than cats. They’re quite devoted to me. This is the sixth home they’ve lived in with me in the four years I’ve had them. I move a lot. And like I said, they’re very flexible – they’ve become great travellers and explorers and the farm is definitely the biggest, most interesting space they’ve had to explore yet. I’m being cautious with them – I don’t want them exploring too freely and getting tangled up with coyotes or anything, but it has been fun watching them check the place out. And they love Chris and Julie’s house that I’m living in for the month until the trailer is ready. Other than visits to my parent’s place, they’ve never had so much indoor space to make themselves at home in. They don’t even seem to mind sharing the space with people, babies and dogs. Yep – well on our way to being one big happy farm family. Meow.