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the great purge


My mom and my sister and I had a big garage sale this weekend because we all had stuff to get rid of. Even after selling furniture on craigslist, selling clothes through consignment stores, and giving other clothes away, I still had a ton of stuff to purge. Moving into a trailer requires major downsizing of material belongings – which I love!

As a kid, I collected everything, but as I grew up and started gallivanting all over the globe, I quickly adopted a love for less. Despite diving into annual purges with glee, I still always manage to have more stuff than I need – as well as boxes of stuff that never gets opened.  Needless to say, I’ve been happy about my current excuse for more purging.

Economically, purging feels like a bit of a kick in the stomach – it’s rare to make money on anything, let alone break even.  But the sense of freedom purging brings is worth the dollar loss (and the cash it does put in your pocket, even at a ‘loss’, is still a great perk).

So, I’m happy to announce that I’m one bookshelf, one coffee table, one wine rack/ bar, one cat bed, one bicycle, 2/3rds of a closet of clothes, and oodles of household bits and pieces lighter, as well as $500 richer.  Perfect.  Now I can buy that toilet I’m going to need in the trailer with money left over for other trailer renovation costs.  Purging the non-essentials in order to get the essentials!