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trailer design to aspire to


Umm… I think my jaw might have dropped when I came across the images of this trailer. Certainly a little *gasp!* escaped my lips.  How incredibly cool, modern and PRETTY is this?!  I don’t know much about the company that made it because their website is in spanish, but Caravanolic has clearly created a trailer living space like no other (at least no other I’ve seen).  SOOOO pretty!

I really can’t imagine walking into this trailer after splashing around in farm mud and chicken poop, but I do love what they’ve been able to do with the space.  For anyone who appreciates interior (and exterior!) design, and particularly for people like me who are intrigued about design possibilities for trailer living (which may be more of you now that the average price of a Vancouver home has reached the 1 million dollar mark), I thought these photos might be fun and inspiring to drool over.

See more photos of this beautiful little trailer home on Caravanolic’s website (click on ‘caravanas’).  Interior photos of my own little trailer home coming soon!