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18 New Farm Members


We welcomed some new members to our farm posse a couple days ago in the form of 18 yellow, fluffy, chirping chicks. ADORABLE. Our current small handful of egg-laying hens don’t produce enough eggs to keep us from relying on grocery store runs, so we decided to expand.

These new little puffballs are of the Delaware and Buff Orpington varieties. Originating from the USA and England, they add an even more multi-cultural flare to the Russian, Chinese and Polish breeds that currently run our henhouse. Delaware chickens are an endangered species (like our Russian Orloff), so hopefully we can give them a long, happy life here and maybe even increase their numbers.

Between these little guys and our recent addition of ducks, activity levels on the farm have received a big boost in the last week. As usual. never a dull moment around here. It’s a nice way to bring in the recent arrival of fall weather. Another season on the farm, here we come!