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my first bear sighting on the farm

We got a special treat at lunchtime today – a big momma black bear and her cub having a good feast at the farm compost!


I attempted to take photos with my iPhone, but this was the best thing I could get after doing some online editing (click on the photo to see it in full size). It gives you a bit of a sense of where they were in relation to the rest of us. We all watched them from the balcony at the back at the house. This view is looking across the backyard towards the barn. In case you can’t see them, they’re to the left of the barn behind the fence, probably feeling like they’d hit the jackpot (the compost is full of cherries right now). And if you look to the right of the barn, you’ll see farm family member Matt walking towards, yes towards, the bears – hoping to get some good photos. Momma bear caught his scent pretty quick though, stood up on her hind legs and started towards him to check him out. Matt got out of there pretty quick after that.


This photo is a much better one – taken by Murray (farm family Opa), who has a real camera.  Thanks Murray!

Speaking of real cameras, I need one.  Anyone got a good one lying around they’d like to donate to the farm so we can better document exciting events like this one?  ;)

And now time for our lunch.  Bon appetit!