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baby goats & horse poop

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBvg8Mo7nt4?wmode=transparent]

This weekend Chris and I took the truck and tractor down the road to get some composted horse manure from our neighbours Michael and Kerri-Jo. We did three trips, loading up the truck with the tractor and unloading with shovels back at the farm. A lot of shovelling, but great news for our blueberry bed, compost garden and Mel’s new gardening patch.

While Chris was loading up the truck with the tractor, I frollicked with the 8 baby goats on the property. THEY ARE SO CUTE. Seriously. So cute. Can’t get over it. Most of them scattered when I went near them, but one little guy took a liking to me, followed me and my camera out to the back meadow and let me pick him up and snuggle him. SO FLIPPIN’ CUTE. I took a little video clip of them, embarrassing baby talk included.