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city cats go wild


Apart from my fear of coyotes snatching up one of my cats when I’m not looking, it’s been pretty fun to watch Fergus and Lola rock their natural animal instincts now that they’re living on a farm.  Lola catches little rodents and grasshoppers like a pro (she is a forest cat after all), but Fergus took a little bit longer to warm up to farm life.  That all changed this weekend though when I witnessed him track, crouch and pounce on a bunch of birds, successfully pinning one down (and killing it) right away.

Although I don’t exactly relish the idea of little birds getting killed, it is pretty neat to watch the cats do what comes natural to them (even if it means them carrying their kills into my trailer to show them off).  And it gives you a pretty clear (and scary!) idea of how NOT FUN it would be to get tracked by a big mountain cat in the wild.  It’s pretty apparent (even in domestic cats) that felines can be pretty deadly and I sure wouldn’t want a big one tracking me.

Now if only I could train them to scare off coyotes…