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Saying farewell to some farm members


Matt, Chantalle, son Canaan, and daughter Avi (in Chantalle’s arms) hang out with Thumper, our youngest farm rabbit.

This past month, we experienced a big change at the farm. Matt and Chantalle made the decision to say goodbye to farm life and try out some new adventures as a young family together. Matt grew up on the farm and he and his family have made it their own home for the past few years, so this is a big change, but we’re very happy for them and wish them lots of excitement in their new endeavors. 

Matt, Chantalle, Canaan and baby Avi will be missed, but we’re stoked they’re still in the area so even though they don’t live here anymore, we’ll still be seeing lots of them. We’ll miss Matt for his spur-of-the-moment-inspired-build-a-thons which resulted in things like our herb spiral, refurbished chicken coop and pig pen, and for his knowledge of livestock raising. We’ll miss Chantalle for her experimental goat-cheese-making, sprout-growing, homemade-nettle-and-herbal-tea-concoction-homesteading projects and for her diligent research and interest in farm business opportunities. We’ll miss Canaan for his major cute factor and his undying love for insects of all kinds. And we’ll miss baby Avi for all the sweetness having a baby girl around brings. 

We love you guys and are excited to see where life leads you. Don’t forget to come back for farm work party days! ;)


Our first ducklings


Spring is very much in the air around here. Flowers are coming up everywhere, peas and bean sprouts are beginning to climb poles, the red crowns of raddishes are revealing themselves in the garden, and baby animals are arriving. 

These MELT-MY-HEART-THEY’RE-SO-ADORABLE ducklings hatched last week. The mother is nesting on the other eggs in the photos, and we’re hoping they hatch as well. They’re our first farm ducklings and we’re totally smitten.

The pigs have landed!


The pigs have arrived! For the second year in a row, we are partnering with a local 4H group in Maple Ridge by housing their pigs on our property. Keeping the pigs here means that 4H students have a farm to visit everyday to learn how to care for and interact with them, while we have the benefit of having adorable animals around that poop in and dig up our fields which is GREAT for our soil.

I snapped this shot of two of the pigs running through our field, ears-a-flying. I’m in love.