Pictured, Not Pictured

(I’m copying something my favorite farm blogger does with this Pictured, Not Pictured blog post. Yesterday was a GORGEOUS, sunny day on the farm, spent with friends and animals and garden beds. Below are some of the photos we captured as well as some notes on what wasn’t caught on camera.)

photo 1

photo 3


photo 2

photo 4

photo (27)


  1. It’s officially dry-your-clothes-outside weather!
  2. Chris K. strikes a pose while reorganizing the polytunnel.
  3. Jocelyn on her way to transplant some comfrey near the new garden beds.
  4. Kai & Julie have a trampoline picnic.
  5. Julie shows off some eggs she collected for our neighbour who gifted us with some big clumps of irises and a big bag of lily bulbs.
  6. We ended the day with a bonfire on the property with our friend (and current trailer renter) Melody.

Not Pictured:

  1. Julie falling COMPLETELY into one of our ponds while transplanting iris – like, right up to her chest. Jeans (with iPhone in back pocket) and all.
  2. Kai challenging each of us to numerous races. ‘Race ya to the poop pile!’
  3. Bunnies snacking on gifted apples from our neighbour.
  4. Chickens taking dust baths in the warm sunshine.
  5. The completion of transferring composted manure to our new garden beds.
  6. Sun-kissed noses and cheeks on all of us after a full day in the warm sunshine.