In the news: community leaders & pipeline protesters


We made the news again! Four of us made the news recently for a couple different reasons – environmental leadership props from the community and for having the most photo-worthy pipeline protesters around :)

A couple weeks ago, Chris and Kai bussed to Victoria to participate in a big provincial protest against the Enbridge pipeline proposal. The awesome photo above was taken by someone and posted on Facebook, quickly making the rounds on MANY group pages and walls. Chris and Kai were also included in a news interview where Kai gave an impressive summary of what would happen if more oil tankers were allowed to cruise our beautiful coastline. He comes on at the 1:40 mark…

Around the same time Chris and Kai were being active citizens in front of our provincial parliament buildings, Chris K. and I were included in a list of Maple Ridge’s 40 under 40 environmental leaders. The nominations and winners were collected and chosen by the Ridge Meadows Recycling team and posted on their website as well as in the local Maple Ridge Times. The bios they posted of us are below. We’re honoured to be included!


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