Loss and rest


The last three weeks have been full of change.

We have experienced loss. Too much loss for such a short period of time. We lost a beloved family member and we lost two of our pets: Dora, our sweet-natured rabbit, and Vincent, our amazing runner duck. It is not an exaggeration to describe this month as heart-breaking.

We’ve also experienced a seasonal change. The rain has returned and it’s unrelenting and cold.The days are shorter. The veggies have stopped growing. The slugs are returning. We’ve come to the realization that we aren’t prepared for successful winter gardening yet, so we’re going to spend the winter reflecting, building, and preparing for next year instead.

With the arrival of hibernation season, I’m ready to take refuge indoors. I’m ready to be silent and mourn, to nest and snuggle, to cook and bake, to heal and sleep. I’m thankful that this season arrived while we were saying our goodbyes and I’m ready for the quiet stillness of dark mornings and the soothing warmth of evening fireplaces that come with this time of year.

To those we have lost this month, we miss you and love you and wish that you were still with us.

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