A little piece about Vincent, our Runner Duck


(Written by Julie! :)

I just had to say a word about Vincent.  This skinny little runner duck has stolen our hearts.  As much as I appreciate the other animals on the farm, none of them have brought as much joy or laughter as Vincent.  He has bonded most with Jawcey and Chris K and lives on their patio (looking mournfully in, not understanding why he is not on the couch).  When we got him the idea was for him to bond with our Muscovies.  Vincent had other plans…he is really only happy when the humans are present, and seems to be a bit indifferent towards Duckling, Mama and Auntie duck.  Sure, he’ll hang out with them if there is really no one else around, but it is clear his heart is with the humans. As soon as anyone steps outside, there he is with his funny little quacks and straight up waddle as if to say, ‘Well, it is about time you came out, I have been waiting!’  He is a duck with the heart of a dog, and he is squirming his little scrawny self into the hole that our beloved retriever Jackson left. He might just have to come inside this winter (jk Oma;).

Watch Vincent on video below – running laps with Chris K:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJJ0-sqDSMk?wmode=transparent]