Harmony Hill: our new farming friends across the Atlantic

[vimeo https://www.vimeo.com/29407346 w=600&h=339]
A video tour of forest edibles at Harmony Hill. Watch more of their videos on their vimeo page (I recommend the ‘Making Nettle Beer’ ones)!

A few weeks ago, I recieved this email:


I’m one half of @Harmony_Hill on twitter and been reading and learning about what you’re doing from the website. It’s really impressive and I’ll be sure to keep updated with how you’re getting on. Just had a look at your wish list and although we’re in Britain and shipping to you wouldn’t be that environmentally friendly, what we thought you might like are some seeds. We ordered far too many from the Agroforestry Research Trust and would be more than happy to send you some different varieties. Totally understandable if you only want plants, trees or shrubs but just a thought anyway.

We’ve only been here for just over a month now after leaving London and we’re enjoying it as much as you guys seem to be. We bought this place from a lovely elderly couple who spent the last 10 years transforming 2.5 acres of woodland into this dream forest. When we told them we hoped to turn it into a forest garden they were very keen to tell us they were good friends with John Seymour, who I see is in your resources list. I’m not sure if Martin Crawford is famous in the permaculture circle across the pond but he has been a real help to us and has quite a few clips on youtube.

Anyway, just thought I would reitirrate how much I liked the website and share the love :)

Happy farming,


I responded enthusiastically (of course) and suggested a cross-Atlantic seed swap. Multiple emails have been shared back and forth since and now I’m wishing that Pembrokeshire, Wales was a lot closer so that we could go and visit the Harmony Hill project in person.

Louis and James describe themselves on twitter as, “two friends leaving London to use permaculture, forest gardening and renewable energy in an effort to earn independence and live a more fulfilling life…”. Their facebook page states, “Who needs money? We’ve decided to try and secure a comfortable future by finding fun and easy ways of making everything we need for ourselves. Permaculture opened a lot of doors and now we’re well on our way. Being greedy and stocking up on $ just didn’t seem fun at all… and you only get one life after all. Fingers crossed we’re not just dreamers :)”.

I like these guys a lot. They recognized their dissatisfaction with the 9-5 status quo lifestyle and they did something about it. Their videos depict two humorous and adventurous guys who are figuring out this ‘growing-your-own-food-and-learning-to-live-in-a-more-simple-yet-valuable-way’ as they go. Kinda like us :)

Louis – thanks for that initial email! We’re stoked about what you’re doing and excited to share seeds, swap stories and watch your own permaculture story unfold.