baby bunnies experience the chicken tractor


This weekend, we gave the baby bunnies a chance to stretch their legs in our chicken tractor for the first time. They LOVED it. Lots of grass to eat, lots of space to hop around in… We’ll have to do it more regularly – once they get a little bigger that is. Turns out some of them are still small enough to squeeze out of the chicken wire. Luckly we were able to catch our three escapees. One of them hopped right over to and through the wire fence of the chicken run. We found him running around with the chickens who seemed pretty intrigued by their new buddy.

While the bunnies were enjoying their freedom, Canaan and Kai enjoyed a gorgeous day outside, searching for worms, climbing up on the chicken tractor (Kai, of course) and hugging/ wrestling each other in the deep beds.

Ahhh… warm weather. Finally.

PS – I’m drinking a Granville Island False Creek Raspberry Ale while I type this. Doesn’t get much more spring/ summer than that!

PPS – the greenery around here is just BURSTING with life. Throw a little sunlight in after all that rain and this place is positively lush. SO good.