young farmers unite


I’ve been following news stories about urban agriculture, the local food movement and the increasing interest that young people are taking in farming for years. These growing trends make me really happy and I’m so glad that we’re part of this movement, in our own little way.

I came across this website today and it looks great! The National Young Farmers’ Coalition (NYFC) is a US-based group that works for young farmers by strengthening their social networks, helping them hone their skills through the facilitation of peer-to-peer learning, and fighting for the policies that will keep them farming for a lifetime. I love it! We need something like this in Canada (anyone know if there already is something like this that I haven’t found yet?). If not, anyone interested in joining forces to get something like this going?

Check out NYFC’s Young Farmer Profiles to meet some of the new, young farmers in America.