farm work party: feasting table platform


We have plans to build an outdoor feasting table next to our deep beds beneath an arched trellis that will hold our kiwi vines. We LOVE daydreaming about having meals at this feasting table in the summer, eating fresh food straight from the garden.

To prepare the feasting table area, we dug out the space where the table will sit and laid down bricks as a solid platform slab (we found the bricks free on craigslist). Once all the bricks are in place (we ran out one or two rows short), we’ll plant fine moss around it, letting in grow in to fill in the spaces between the bricks.

It was a solid group effort lugging all the bricks over to the area, but biggest kudos go out to Jordan who spearheaded the project and did the majority of the heavy digging, lifting and laying :)

1 thought on “farm work party: feasting table platform

  1. Darren

    What a great Idea! Just needs some lanterns, a few candles and a very coolsetting indeed! Very romantic to have a dinner out there at sundown!

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