seed sorting party


This blog post is a couple weeks late, but better late than never – especially since an upcoming blog post from a new contributor(!!!) will be a natural follow-up to this…

So, in partnership with our good friends Cary and Tommi, we ordered some seeds in January and spent a recent weekend sorting them. Since we ordered the seeds as a group, we needed to split them all down the middle so that Cary and Tommi could take their seeds home with them, so OF COURSE we used this as an excuse to have a seed sorting party, complete with coffee and snacks and lots of good conversation.

We sorted big seeds and tiny seeds, round seeds and flat seeds, day dreaming out loud about the abundance of fresh food we’ll be harvesting and eating in a few months time. In addition to herb and veggie seeds, we also ordered a lot of wildflower seeds – the kind that will help replenish our soil and attract a variety of butterflies and good bugs. FUN! It is going to be so awesome watching this piece of land come to life with blossoms and greenery and scents and bugs and birds… *happy sigh*

Seed sorting parties (or really, gardening parties of any variety) are a really good time. I recommend them.