cuddly fertilizers


Who needs packaged fertilizer when your chickens will do the job for you?

Last week we moved some of our chickens into the completed chicken tractor. Pretty exciting stuff! They seem to be happy in there, scratching around in the deep bed earth, leaving behind valuable little (and sometimes not so little) droppings to liven things up for our future vegetables.

Bit by bit, our farming adventure is taking shape. This place is starting to look different. The landscape is changing, the animals are growing… Before we know it, we’ll be feasting on our own homegrown food at our yet-to-be-built outdoor feasting table. And all because of that chicken tractor! ;)

But no, seriously – seeing the chicken tractor in action feels like a serious accomplishment. It symbolizes the kind of holistic earth-animal-human coexistence we’re striving towards here on the farm – a coexistence that will lend itself to healthier soil, greater biodiversity, delicious food and happy humans and animals.

We’re on our way!


1 thought on “cuddly fertilizers

  1. Darren Seeley

    Once again, a vision that yields great results! I love success stories like yours, I can follow how your doing, in the trials, explorations and adventure that I myself cannot do at this time. I can see more cool stories like this will prove to be a great inspiration to many, going forward. Look forward to more!:^)

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