poop & other mid-week adventures


The farm progress continues! On wednesday this week, with the ground frozen below us and the sky dry above us, we made a couple trips to Michael and Kerri-Jo’s place a few doors down to take some of their well-aged horse manure/ sawdust mix off their hands. It’s exactly what we needed for the next layer on our blueberry bed and to help prep the soil in our deep beds. Thanks M & KJ! Pretty fun to scoop poop while horses and billy goats try to get in on the action :)

In addition to all the scooping and tossing, we also hung up a bird house in our back forest and played with the boys (cutest little cousins on the block!). Photos of our antics above and a little pooper scooper video by Matt below.

* * *

PS – I’ve gotta say, this whole ‘being outside and shoveling poop while most people are working in offices’ is pretty awesome. So thankful that I’m able to have a part-time job right now that lets me have extra weekdays to help with the farm projects. Life is good.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OscccSCwx_U?wmode=transparent]

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  1. Jocelyn Durston

    Thanks Ryan! Definitely not the last post – just a little behind. Updates coming in the next couple days :)

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