baby goats!


Our neighbours Michael and Kerri-Jo invited us over on saturday afternoon to meet the two newest additions to their farm family: 3 day old baby goats!  ADORABLE.

While there, we got a closer look at their farm – hanging out with the horses, chickens and ducks and their own two farm kids.  It’s pretty fun living on a farming street!

Earlier in the day, we had our friend Christian from the CEED Centre over for a farm tour.  He wanted to check out my composting toilet and while here, gave us some tips and stories from his own family farm, as well as a delicious jar of homemade plum jam.

And it wouldn’t have been a saturday morning without Julie hosting a communal coffee and homemade muffins session!

After visiting the baby goats, I got in a little bit of weeding in the garlic patch before capping the day off with a delicious dinner out with a friend in Vancouver.


I am so happy with my life right now :)

1 thought on “baby goats!

  1. Lyza Clarke

    Okay, I laughed right out loud at those close ups of the billy goat and the mama goat. And smiled with delight at seeing my sweet baby grandson swinging on the rope swing. Following these postings has made me feel even more connected to all you farmers out there in the toolies.(sp?) Thank you, Jocelyn, for keeping up with it and for those adorable pix of Kai and Canaan. :D

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